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Minister:  Rev. Brian Copeland

Sunday School/Youth Coordinator:  Jason Winter
Music Director:  Scott Auchinleck

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"We are called by God to be a welcoming church where we respect differences and build Christian community as we learn, grow, celebrate and reach out in faith”

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March Newsletter 2014

Scripture texts for April 27
Acts 2: 14a, 22-32; Psalm 16;Peter 1:3-9; John 20: 19-31

Future Services

May 4 Transfer of Membership and Sunday School Appreciation
May 11 Christian Family Sunday
May 18 Long weekend intergenerational Serice
May 25 Rogation Sunday (Rurual Life Sunday)

                                             (photo by Joan McComas)

A huge thank you to all involved in last week’s Choir Show Jukebox Saturday Night.  The performers had oodles of fun; and the audience went home humming and happy (full of cookies, coke and ice cream).   This year we received over $2,100 in the financial potluck!  Our custom is to use a portion of the proceeds for community outreach and this year, $1445 has been allocated to The Oasis in Kanata, our VIM-Outreach program.  Thanks to Emmett and the Setup and Stage Crew; Delma and the Refreshment Crew; Scott and the Music Crew; Emcees Greg and Anne and all the performers.  It does indeed take a village.  You all deserve “Employee of the Month”.  But wait…. There’s more…..

Jukebox Saturday Night HD DVDs will be available for sale shortly at the cost of $10 (cash only, please).  Please see Emmett Will,.  If you enjoyed the show, or missed it this year, you'll want a copy!  Proceeds, after expenses, will be donated to The Oasis in Kanata outreach program for caregivers of those with mental illness.

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The Oasis in Kanata
is a community outreach program of Glen Cairn United Church that offers information and support for caregivers in Kanata and its surrounding areas.  Living with mental illness can be as challenging for those close to the individuals as for the individuals themselves.  Check out our *NEW* Web site at  for information about this exciting initiative

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Photograph by Robert Tate