Glen Cairn United Church
140 Abbeyhill Drive, Ottawa, ON K2L 1H5
Office Administrators, Ruth Winter, Patricia Will
Office Hours:  Tue - Thu  9 - 3:30pm
Church office Email:
        Telephone:  613 836 4756  

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Minister:  Rev. Brian Copeland
Volunteer Associate Ministers:  Rev. Dr. Don Boyd, Marion Milnes, Rev. Marilyn Richardson,
        Rev. Whit Strong, Rev Neil Wallace
Sunday School/Youth Coordinator:  Jason Winter
Music Director:  Scott Auchinleck

10:00am  Sunday Worship and Sunday School

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Scripture readings for May 24th: Acts 2:1-21; Romans 8:22-27; Psalm 104, John 15: 26-27; John 16: 4b-15

June 7  Communion, Dedication of a New Window, Celebration of the 90th Anniversary of the
              United Church of Canada
June 21 Baptism
June 26 Adult confirmation and Re-Affirmation of Faith

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Here are some more pictures from Saving Las Vegas. Thanks go to Robert Tate

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We have some pictures from the Rummage Sale a couple of weeks ago. Click on the image or go to the
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We now have pictures from the show on the
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The Oasis in Kanata
is a community outreach program of Glen Cairn United Church that offers information and support for caregivers in Kanata and its surrounding areas.  Living with mental illness can be as challenging for those close to the individuals as for the individuals themselves.  Check out our *NEW* Web site at  for information about this exciting initiative

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