Glen Cairn United Church
140 Abbeyhill Drive, Ottawa, ON K2L 1H5
Office Administrators, Ruth Winter, Patricia Will
Office Hours:  Tue - Thu  9 - 3  Fri 9 - noon  
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        Telephone:  613 836 4756   Fax:  613 836 4759

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Minister:  Rev. Brian Copeland
Supply Minister:  Catherine Oxenford-Grant
Volunteer Associate Ministers:  Rev. Dr. Don Boyd, Marion Milnes, Rev. Marilyn Richardson,
        Rev. Whit Strong, Rev Neil Wallace
Sunday School/Youth Coordinator:  Jason Winter
Music Director:  Scott Auchinleck

10:00am  Sunday Worship and Sunday School

"We are called by God to be a welcoming church where we respect differences and build Christian community as we learn, grow, celebrate and reach out in faith”

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October 26  Congregational Potluck following service
November 2 Baptism
November 9 Remembrance Service
Sabbatical notice:  Please note that Brian is on sabbatical leave at the School of Religion at Queens.  He will return to GCUC on December1st.

Ride for Refuge 2014

$5141.00was raised towards the Kanata Stittsville Refugee Sponsorship Group. The Ride for Refuge organization will take a portion of those funds to help pay for its organizational expenses leaving the refugee group with over $3500.00 to add to its revenues.

The Wheels of Fortune riders appreciate the support given its members  from Glen Cairn United Church, the other churches in the Sponsorship Group, and their friends, relatives and associates that donated money for refugees. One hundred and nineteen (119) individuals and organizations donated to the team. Thank you all. Your support made our rides so much more enjoyable.

Our team Ride for Refuge 2014

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The Oasis in Kanata
is a community outreach program of Glen Cairn United Church that offers information and support for caregivers in Kanata and its surrounding areas.  Living with mental illness can be as challenging for those close to the individuals as for the individuals themselves.  Check out our *NEW* Web site at  for information about this exciting initiative

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