Glen Cairn United Church
140 Abbeyhill Drive, Ottawa, ON K2L 1H5
Office Administrator, Ruth Winter
Office Hours:  Tuesday to  Thursday  9 - 3:30pm, Friday 9.00 - 10.30am
Church office Email:
        Telephone:  613 836 4756

Stewardship calls us to manage and use resources, spiritual and material, in fitting response to God, known in creation through Jesus Christ, and by the spirit. It has to do with our style of life; our consumption of food, energy, housing, the care of our bodies, the cultivation of our minds, our use of time for ourselves and for others. In every resource, the Christian steward sees responsibility, an occasion for gratitude, and the opportunity to serve God, oneself, and one's neighbour in love. - George Siudy, Disciples of Christ, U.S.A.


The Stewardship Committee has many members who perform their jobs all year long with little acknowledgment. The Chairs of the Committee would like to thank all the members of the Stewardship Committee for their tireless work. This is a great team, with major responsibility and lots of talent. In today's church life, there have to be balanced books if we are to help people with their spiritual journeys.

Why not start the year off on "P.A.R."?
Pre-authorized remittance is an easy way to contribute to the life and work of our church on a regular basis. You pay your mortgage, hydro, telephone, etc, by direct withdrawal from your bank account, and doesn't that beat writing all those cheques each month? You may do exactly the same with your givings. Simply fill out an application form (available at the newcomers' table and the pamphlet rack, attach a void cheque, submit it to our secretary Pat Will before the 10th of the month, and you can be on P.A.R for that month. The withdrawal is made from your account on 15th of each month.

Grocery store gift certificates
This is a successful fundraiser that also assists you with your groceries. Vouchers in various denominations are available for sale every week after church, and the more of us who use them, the larger the percentage benefit to the church. It costs you nothing, yet earns us money. All proceeds go to church funds. The certificates may be used in specific local grocery stores.